This is the Official Site of Bihar Post Matric Scholarship.
Beware of the Dubious Portals.
2. Student need not to Submit Hard Copy of Application to Institution.
3. All the institutions are requested to verify their students on urgent basis, a team is likely to visit your institution soon. Due to Covid, kindly verify records online from official records of institution and also produce such records to physical verification committee.
4. All Student schould check bank account status and currect bank account details on the portal before 21/01/2022
सभी छात्र 21/01/2022 . से पहले तत्कालीन पोर्टल पर बैंक खाते की स्थिति और चालू बैंक खाते के विवरण की जांच करें |
5. Physical verification of institution and student records is going to start from 21/01/2022 from District level.